Sunday, June 04, 2006

Problems of the Heart

Well, I guess I have put this off long enough as countless ones of you are eagerly awaiting my first post. As I write this from my parents’ basement, Ma and Pa are enjoying a quiet afternoon at the hospital because my Dad lost feeling in his left arm during church (I guess that is what you deserve for wasting a perfectly miserable, rainy Sunday morning surfing pews). He has had a history of heart problems thus the doctors have opted for a CAT scan. I warned them not to use the cardiologist with the fresh degree from our beloved world wide web, but what do I know?

Speaking of problemes de coeur, I noticed this morning over at Common Dreams that those pesky Iraqis are having some issues with our little nation building project. Seems they have lost faith in our leadership skills and feel we might, gasp, not have their best intentions in mind. One, Abdullah Hussein, an engineer in Baghdad, said “First they lied about weapons of mass destruction, then there was the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal and now it’s clear to the world they were guilty in Haditha.” Wait just a minute there buddy, I thought it was only those bastards in the liberal American media that were allowed to aid the enemy with that kind of blasphemous talk. How about showing our proud journos a little respect? Let’s keep that treasonous yapping to our side of the pond, please.

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newyorquina said...

Jeez, I hope your Dad is OK, sending good wishes...