Sunday, July 23, 2006

Townser Luvs Him Some I.R.S.

My children were battling for supremacy of the cul-de-sac this afternoon as I struggled to digest the Sunday Times. Between random blood lettings and fratricide I happened upon a wonderful little story buried in the depths of section A. It seems that a bunch of auditors at the IRS were about to lose their jobs. Like many of you, my first reaction was good riddance, but then I realized these were not just any auditors, these were the people that had the assignment of auditing the richest of the rich, in particular those guilty of possible tax evasion with regard to mishandling large estates. I looked to the heavens and thought when will this shit ever end. Realizing this was a futile act; I then looked at my Mom (as I am a proud dweller of her basement) and said, “When is this shit ever going to end? When are people going to realize that this country is being run by a bunch of crooked morons whose only interest is in padding their pockets and the pockets of their closest friends?” The word ‘shit’ is a little too blue for my Mother, so I did not want to shock her anymore with anything harsher than moron. Anyway, I realized that act was not going to get me anywhere, so after chaining my kids back in the closet, I retired to the basement to vent. Here I sit. Obviously, this act is not going to get me anywhere either, but it feels so much better than swearing to my dear old Mum.

My basic beef is still with us, the American people. We are idiots, we have been sold a big steaming pile of shit (the conservative platform) yet we keep coming back for more. Here in the Heartland we have many of what I like to call the wanna-be cons. These are the people who make 80k a year, but spend 90k. These are the people who believe that they fall into that magic 5% that are benefiting from this disastrous administration. In their minds, they are the rich bluebloods down at the country club knocking back gin fizzes with the Walkers and the Bushes when in fact they are much closer to snorting meth with Cletus and all the little Cletii down at the Double Wide C.C. These people do not understand that they are truly not benefiting from these tax breaks, they are not benefiting from rampant Government spending with little or no control. Massive deficits, be damned. Who cares about the future, live in the now. Sadly, I learned that lesson (see exhibit A: pissed off ex-wife, failed business, lost $$$$). We need to be accountable for our actions, we need to live and consume responsibly, we need to pay our fair share of taxes, and sadly, we need government oversight. I never thought I would believe this, but even government oversight in the form of IRS auditors.

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Tork said...

I almost feel like I know you! Please take the time to contact the rest of the world more aggressivly and you might find yourself in the better of many situations. Send the shit you have to people that matter and maybe, just maybe, you'll get yourself a serious gig.

love and respect