Saturday, August 19, 2006

Please Make It Stop

I have to question Michelle Malkin’s indignation over the “fauxtography’ scandal currently being frothed about throughout the blogosphere and in her recent column (These Media Ostriches Totally Miss the Picture). As a Journalism major, I am appalled that photographers are photoshopping and staging pictures to, in her opinion, “foment” more hatred, but is she not missing the forest for the tress? She speaks of corpses being manipulated; are these still not CORPSES! She is in a tizzy over more smoke being added to a photo of a bombed out section of Beirut. Again, Beirut has still been bombed! We are still talking about real destruction and death.

She then goes on her typical rant against the liberal media elites who manipulate messages to change reality. Michelle, who controls the majority of the media in this country? I believe Rupert Murdoch and the Rev. Moon have a very large sphere of influence. Is it not enough for you that Tony Snow is the Press Secretary? Is it not enough for you that your supposed “liberal media elite” have let the President lead us into an unjust war and vastly curtail our liberties while running roughshod over the Constitution with little or no journalistic oversight? Do you lust for a Police state where opinions and voices are quashed? Or is your indignation possibly a bit of a diversion when things are going badly for you and your fellow Conservative Hawks during your Global War on Terror?

C'mon Michelle, at least Ann gives us some comedic value. I need more schtick!

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