Thursday, April 03, 2008

Instant Therapy

In my some days are better than others, why do I have to open my eyes this morning, the sun came out again world, I have found very little to provide instant therapy. Let me rephrase that, I have found very little to provide legal, non-toxic, non-debilitating hangover causing instant therapy. However, today I received a dose of something that I forgot works very well: the mountains. I had to travel to Northwest Arkansas for work and arrived under cover of darkness yesterday to the town of Fayetteville. I awoke this morning surrounded by small mountains, drizzle and fairly dense fog. Not exactly a depressive’s formula for happiness, but 5 minutes into a drive to see clients changed all that. I felt hope and happiness as the thoughts of simpler times and far away places flooded my mind while rolling through the old local hills. Hell, I even saw a deer that hadn’t been crushed by a semi yet…yet.

Update: The day was just made better by the discovery of this place. Simply amazing. However, I fear I might have to disguise my purchase while passing through Missouri and Oklahoma tomorrow. I'm not so certain the Constitution is still adhered to in those places.

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