Friday, June 09, 2006

In Which the Jousting Begins...

I originally created this blog to be a forum to display arguments that I have been having with an old friend, Mr. Regicide. Reggie and I were high school chums in the land of the nouveau riche and have recently reconnected after not seeing each other for 20 years. We share several hobbies, including hatred for divorce attorneys, paying child support, and of course our passion for curling. The attached series of emails highlight a battle from yesterday in which I commented on the frame surrounding the photo of Al-Zarqawi’s death mask.


Was the frame really necessary!?!?!

In all seriousness, I am excited by this. However, my excitement is tempered by the fact that this creates a leadership vacuum among this lovely little group. I think how this void is filled, or if it can be eliminated, is very important.



We killed Uday and Qusay for the power vacuum issue too.

Yeah, it's a concern. But we did take out quite a lot of his dudes lately, as well as eleven simultaneous raids yesterday apparently. Best of all, we got that red headed firebrand propagandist too, who supposedly was one of the few who could write the rhetoric in such a way as to justify what they were doing and inspire the troops. So, all in all, I say: "awesome"!

Chuck Schumer better suit up and get Osama himself or the Republicans are going to roll in November. We got terrorism, and we got immigration.


Easy there big fella. The threat of the horrid “brown masses” has legs in the heartland, but does not wash in the highly populated coasts. Also, as important as today’s kill was, it does not erase the disaster that has been our occupation of
not to mention high petrol prices.


Oh, here we go again.

The horrid "brown masses" is very racist, and to offset the suggestion that we're anti-biggest-minority-voting-block, check what we did in Detroit today. We got 63 illegal whities, and they're going back to Eastern Europe.

It'll be fairly easy to play to the heart strings of the East coast leftists when we begin to remind the coastals that the Chinese are enslaved in their basements taking jobs from poor neglected beaten drunk mothers of ten babies. The West coast leftists are definitely concerned about immigration already.

We're not occupying Iraq, everybody knows that. Their government asked us to stay, plain and simple. The vast majority of Iraqis are glad we gave them freedom, but only conservation shows report this. NPR was asked why they never report good news. NPR replied, "Our reporters go to dangerous places and can only report on what they see." NPR was asked why they haven't reported on the number of schools and hospitals built. NPR replied "our reporters go to dangerous places and haven't been able to go to see new schools." Then NPR said "a lot of Iraq still doesn't have electricity, oh the Republican caused horror of it all!" Then NPR was reminded that much of Iraq didn't have electricity before the war.......

That reminds me of a stupid rainbow-green-hippie commercial I saw the other day. The commercial kept flashing various minority, ethnic type people with the occasional white person thrown in demanding to know why the oil companies weren't investing significantly in alternative energies. Uhhhhh, because they're OIL COMPANIES???????? Where the fuck is it written that Exxon has to invest in solar power??? Where the fuck is it written that we have to rebuild Iraq better than it was before???

Yep, high gas prices have absolutely a direct correlation to Republicans. It's as provable and justifiable as anything. Good thing the intended audience for that correlation has no understanding of supply and demand and emerging global economies.

If the dems cared about oil, simply point out their policies over the last thirty years since the gas shortages of the seventies. Where has the leadership been? Sure, Republicans are in power now, so it's easy to blame the now.

Kill Zarqawi --> gas prices fall

Give tech to Iran --> gas prices fall

Throw Chavez a bone --> gas prices fall

By November, gas will be cheap, bet on it ;)


Unfortunately, I cannot find the link to your Detroit story, so I will have to take your word for it. Apparently, Al-Zarqawi is dead, in case you have not heard. In my search for the latest news in the Great Lakes region, I was able to find out that a man in Steubenville, OH was convicted of his 17th DUI. I had to read the story to make sure they were not talking about REDACTED!

I certainly disagree with your assessment that we are not occupying Iraq, and by assuming that everyone knows that, you are greatly overestimating our great population. I guess my invitation from the Iraqi government to the “Please Blow Up Our Country and Then Rebuild It” Ball got lost in the mail. Damn, USPS, whatever happened to “come rain or snow, or whatever the fuck there stupid slogan was” anyway? I believe we went there for two reasons. One valid—Oil, and one not so valid—Bush’s desire to seek revenge/complete the job Papa failed to complete. I fail to see them as a threat, unlike Osama, and I fail to see this war (although “war” has never been declared) as just or valid. Personally, I would be much more comfortable if we just admitted our true goal, which is oil and lots of it. I can accept that, I truly can. I cannot accept the whole liberation, nation building, democracy thing. Let’s just call it for what it is-a grab for oil. The whole argument about an evil dictator is not valid. Take a look at the entire African continent, I see lots of evil dictators there, but why are we not liberating those poor souls? Oh yeah, they do not have oil.

I have no argument against your assessment of the lame liberals vs. Exxon ad campaign. You are absolutely correct in calling “bullshit” on the ad. Exxon is a multinational corporation and their job is to make money. I do have a problem if (I could probably say “that “ instead of “if”, but Emperor Cheney will not allow the release of certain documents) Exxon and others of their ilk are helping to craft our energy policy as has been alleged, but not proven because of the incredible realm of secrecy surrounding our latest administration.

You have a very valid point about liberal policies that would promote responsible energy use. As best as I can tell, the only thing the libs have accomplished is denying companies from constructing new refineries that could actually be helping us right now! In the process of “protecting” the environment, we have also made harvesting energy from, wind, water, or nuclear means nearly impossible as well. Yours is the party of big business, and the repubs will have to answer to the high gas prices, whether they deserve to or not.

As for your last point about pandering to the simpletons of the rural areas (if that is what you are saying), Gawd bless you. The cons have done an amazing job of convincing a bunch of people that should never vote republican to vote republican simply by convincing them that the dems are going to ruin the American way of life. Whether or not these individuals have any idea as to what the American way of life is or was is dubious at best. My hat is off to you and your ilk for that coup. Just please do not expect me to house Cletus and all the little Cletuses when those $5.25 an hour jobs at Wally World fail to put meth on the table or a roof on the shanty.


Detroit round-up:

We're not occupying Iraq, everybody knows that. Every left leaning reporter with access to a dictionary and a history book knows that. Do the sixty million idiots who vote for American Idol know that? --> Who cares, they don't vote anyway, and they'll just simply access what life presents to them.

We're not in Iraq for the oil, plain and simple. Show me one gallon that we brought back with our army. Show me the conquering, ravaging, horrible army of yore that we are.

America's foreign policy is very simple, we export stability. We stabilize regions by promoting democracy, which empowers the people. Why do we do this? Very simple --> money. Money, not oil. We need stable regions in which we can invest and reasonable expect to recoup our expenses. It's good business. Why are we anti-Cuban? The banana business.

I would ask any left leaning reporter to: Name five good things Saddam did? Name five bad things Saddam did? Is the world a better place now that Saddam has been deposed?

The world is so much more complicated than Republicans vs. Democrats, it's just ridiculous to continuously see the same faces lining up on opposite sides of every single issue.

Here's a thought:

What if Zarqawi was martyred intentionally? What if the person who ratted him out (he was the person responsible for finding safe houses for Zarqawi) was told to do so? We've been after Zarqawi for a while, his days were numbered. Now, we just gave one of his insiders the $25 million reward. Where's the money going to go?


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Problems of the Heart

Well, I guess I have put this off long enough as countless ones of you are eagerly awaiting my first post. As I write this from my parents’ basement, Ma and Pa are enjoying a quiet afternoon at the hospital because my Dad lost feeling in his left arm during church (I guess that is what you deserve for wasting a perfectly miserable, rainy Sunday morning surfing pews). He has had a history of heart problems thus the doctors have opted for a CAT scan. I warned them not to use the cardiologist with the fresh degree from our beloved world wide web, but what do I know?

Speaking of problemes de coeur, I noticed this morning over at Common Dreams that those pesky Iraqis are having some issues with our little nation building project. Seems they have lost faith in our leadership skills and feel we might, gasp, not have their best intentions in mind. One, Abdullah Hussein, an engineer in Baghdad, said “First they lied about weapons of mass destruction, then there was the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal and now it’s clear to the world they were guilty in Haditha.” Wait just a minute there buddy, I thought it was only those bastards in the liberal American media that were allowed to aid the enemy with that kind of blasphemous talk. How about showing our proud journos a little respect? Let’s keep that treasonous yapping to our side of the pond, please.