Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm taking my ball and going home...

I sincerely hoped that the President would act a little more mature than my 8-year-old when he addressed the public regarding the hearings over the Attorney firings, but I knew that would never happen. Good God, we are being Governed/Ruled/Shit-upon by a giant baby. He has gotten his way throughout his life and just expects everyone to roll over at his command. The sorriest thing about this is that I am sure my dear Democratic Congress will bow down to Emperor Bush. Someone, anyone, please grow a spine.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Box of Pain

I keep a big box of pain in my bedroom. I am not exactly sure why, but I do. Inside the box there are about 250 rolls of film from my life with her. I decided that I needed to have the box. She kept it in her closet in Ohio, but as I was driving the kids back there this summer, I decided that I wanted the box in order to ‘sort and split up’ its contents. Realistically, my desire to possess the box was some sort of grasp for a piece of her and of our life together. Unrealistically, it was going to make everything better or at least let me begin to move on. Of course, I was very wrong. Most of the three of you who read this blog, know me, or at least understand the extent of my ‘knuckleheadism’, but this one is even a head scratcher for me. Every few weeks I awake determined to conquer the box. It certainly does not look too imposing from the outside; high grade corrugated cardboard, some sort of picture of a high-end electronic piece of stereo equipment, Chinese writing, and packing tape. The inside is an entirely different story. Each little package contains a complete roller coaster of emotions. Even the ‘bong art’ from my college days elicits some sort of nostalgic yearn for better times. There are friends long lost, places I barely remember, beautiful places I remember differently, and there is her. She permeates the box. Sometimes I think I might even smell a little of her from her hippie days, but more likely it is just an olfactory hallucination (I heard that those can happen…). I guess what strikes me most about the content of the box is its sheer beauty. There are many beautiful young people, and even more beautiful places. It makes me long for the American West. The Tetons, Southern Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, that abandoned railroad trestle in Felt, Idaho, Yosemite, San Francisco, Breckenridge, Fairplay, believe me I could go on. But more than anything it makes me long for her, the life we had together, the children I left behind. Maybe the next time I drive to Ohio, I will pick the thing up and throw it in the back of my wagon and give it all back to her. More than likely, I will keep it and continue to stare at it daily, and continue to hurt.

Why I can't stand Krauthammer. Reason #658974125

Let me see if I have this straight; in Charles Krauthammer’s world, lying under oath about oral sex is a crime and an impeachable offense, while lying under oath to protect your boss regarding an attempt to discredit an administration critic and someone who might hinder our march to Iraq is alright. I might be wrong, but they are both still about perjury, are they not? Krauthammer is doing every American a disservice by trivializing the conviction of Scooter Libby. Yes, Libby may have been low-hanging fruit, but his actions leading up to his conviction are clearly indicative of just how extreme this administration can be when it comes to getting what they want. In this case, what they wanted was war with Iraq, and they got it. Here we sit 4 years later, mired in the Middle East, countless lives have been lost or shattered and for what? Independence for the Iraqi’s? Vindication for a man angry about a supposed assassination attempt on his father? Oil?

As for Krauthammer’s claim that the jury convicted solely on the testimony of Tim Russert, this is simply not true. Several of the jurors have spoken out saying that of all the testimony they heard, Russert’s was the least important. Krauthammer’s cherry picking of the witness’s testimony reminds me of a certain administrations cherry picking of evidence, but I digress. Krauthammer is right about one thing, Libby will certainly be pardoned. The question is whether it will be before or after the 2008 election. My guess is that it will be the latter.