Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Practice Obstinance

I was thinking about a good friend of mine the other day because he always causes me to question my approach to life. He is so sure of his personal actions and political beliefs that anyone who questions him is immediately viewed as not only wrong, but ignorant. When I am around him, sometimes I just have to step back and marvel because to him everything is black and white. There is no grey in his world. I mean when is it that self confidence and bravado turn into buffoonery? Seriously, is unwillingness to change, or face reality a positive trait? In looking at the political climate in America, the apparent answer is yes.

Yes, my friend is one of those few remaining individuals that is still certain that WMD’s are going to be found in Iraq despite all the evidence to the contrary. He believes that human impact on global warming is a fallacy. He believes that we are involved in the Middle East to export “stability” because that is what we do although I personally thought we were more into exporting oil from the Middle East than stability to the region. He continues to rail against the liberal media despite the huge media empires controlled by conservatives Rupert Murdoch and Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Sadly, there are many others that march in lockstep to this same political drumbeat. I have decided to call the whole process the “Practice Obstinance” platform. Unfortunately for most of us, our President is the leader of this “Obstinance” movement.

The mouthpiece of this fantastic little band of merrymakers has got to be none other then Sir Rush the not so Brave Hearted with his faithful sidekick Malkin the Malevolent. Across the airwaves and thru the Internets our brave heroes continue to take bullheadedness and shortsightedness to near record levels on a daily basis. Why face reality when you can create your own!

Frankly, I will not be joining this movement; however, I will be starting my own movement to “Practice Abstinence from Obstinance”. I am committed to do virtually everything in my power to promote obstinance while continuing to abstain from all obstinate behavior as well as obstinately abstaining from all obstinacies. Hopefully this Populist style movement will be well received or at the very least serve as a wake up call to those not joining the rest of us in the reality based community.