Thursday, February 21, 2008

Double Double Standard

Holy shit it is amazing to watch the spin mavens on the right fly into action in response to the dust up between St Mac and the New York Times. Perhaps I should have hired those a-holes to repair my image during my divorce proceedings. Hell, I would probably be receiving child support right now despite not having custody had I had the foresight to hire these guys. The Times publishes this watered down semi-repressed (allegedly) article detailing McCain’s ethical shortcomings including questionable lobbying practices and an affair and people are in a tizzy. Crap on cornbread, can you say ‘shocker’. You mean to tell me that a politician might seek and use his power unethically. Wow, just…wow. I have lost all faith in the democratic system. But, all that is beside the point, what amazes me most is the supposed outrage being proffered by the right for this smear. Nothing unites the right like a bashing by the Times. You get nothing but crickets during any sort of Clinton or Obama bashing (see: Brooks, Kristol, and Craphammer), but as soon as they mention Johnny, it is so ON!!!! Secondly, everyone seems to be overlooking two salient facts. The first is that McCain repeatedly cheated on his first wife, married his adulterous friend and used her funds to help his political career. The second is that McCain’s campaign worker’s were supposedly so concerned about the recently revealed facts, errrr, allegations during his 2000 presidential campaign that they took the time to interview all parties involved to get their stories straight, errrr, find the truth. All I can say, is that if there was one instance of fellatio, the man should be shipped straight to Gitmo without a trial and perhaps be waterboarded in flight. That’ll learn’em.

Update: As usual, Mr. Swift says it best.

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