Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Tax Dollars at Work

I certainly hope that everyone was as disgusted as I was by yesterday’s Roger Clemons/Steroids hearings on the Hill. The fact that these grandstanding bastards have the time, inclination, and stones to carry out such a worthless publicity grabbing, money wasting, bullshit having, hero worshipping, and ego massaging fiasco speaks volumes as to the depths we as a country have fallen. Disgusting! I think I saw John Adams’ ghost weeping bitterly in the back of the room on one of the feeds on CSPAN. My personal favorite hypocrite in the bunch was Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana. Check out his act here. Also, how exactly was this a partisan issue? Somehow, party lines were drawn; the right for Roger and the left for Brian. Excuse me while I go shower to get the filth off of me.

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