Monday, January 21, 2008


I’m getting so sick of this shit. Today the main headline of the Kansas City Star (link is not working-just take my word for it) stated, “Fewer Hit with Iran Bomb”. Talk about inflammatory rhetoric. Oddly, the first sentence of the article stated that the controversial EFPs were only “thought to come from Iran". This led me to write the editors a brief note:

I’m more than a little confused by the choice of today’s headline (Fewer Hit With Iran Bomb) because the first sentence of the article seems to contradict the premise of the headline by saying the bombs are only “thought to come” from Iran. So which is it, are the bombs from Iran or not? After a cursory search on the internet, it seems that there are plenty of conflicting reports as to the actual origin of the EFPs. Is the Star trying to rush us into another war, aren’t two enough for now? The last thing this country needs is more irresponsible reporting, saber rattling, and misinformation.

Seriously, after the whole WMD debacle and the complicity of the media especially the supposedly liberal New York Times, wouldn’t you think that editors and publishers would be a little more reluctant to print misleading war mongering headlines? Judging from today’s fish wrap, apparently the answer is no. Enough is enough, this shit has got to stop

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