Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm so jaded, prostitution doesn't even sound fun anymore

I can't help but feel obliged to weigh in on the developing Eliot Spitzer debacle. As I sat with a few friends last night kicking around the story, I kept coming back to the point of why the DOJ was so interested in Spitzer's finances. A bank files a report suggesting that Spitzer was moving money around suspiciously (reportedly around $40K, no small shakes, but really not much to a man of his means) and this justifies an investigation? Color me jaded, but perhaps there are some folks out there with an ax to grind with the Governor. Perhaps folks that he pissed off while trying to clean up corruption on Wall Street, or maybe people he pissed off while bailing out the municipal bond insurers recently. Perhaps Republican folks within the DOJ who were affected or had friends affected. I'm just sayin... Nothing smells right anymore.

I fully agree what he did to his family is deplorable, and I always marvel at the idiocy that power produces. If he is forced to resign, so be it. If this turns out to be a witchhunt, there is blame to be shared. But there are others out there, (Larry Craig, David Vitter) in equally reputable positions who have not resigned or been forced out. As of this moment, he is still Governor, and the rumor is that he may try to stay in office. Regardless, it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. There are also rumors out there that of the 10 individuals named in the investigation, #9 (Spitzer) is named nearly 10 times more than others in the report. Why the disparity?


ABAT said...

I reckon the fact he was given a 'resign or face indictment' choice shows how political it was. If the DOJ was acting based solely on the law they would have just indicted him.

It's kinda like saying 'throw the joint away or I'll bust ya'.

Just seen on the news he's resigned. Why the hell do their wives put themselves through the humiliation of a final press conference. Fuck him, make him face up to his own shit.

PS My ex is in the post. I've packed her in dry ice.

Townser said...

Abat- It certainly is an ugly place at the intersection of law and politics. I tend to steer clear of that corner because from what I have found, the bars are pretty crappy in those parts. As for the wives, I just wish one of them would come out and just destroy the guy. throw him completely under the bus rather than just sitting there looking so UNDERSTANDING when you know deep down she wants to cut his crank off and ship it to me packed in dry ice!

As for your Ex, I will be waiting with open arms.

ABAT said...

Hell yeah! Wife goes to press conference, steps in and says "this guy is a fucking asshole and should never be trusted again, thank you and good night" - take that you bastard. Poor woman looks like she's going through hell.

You might want to thaw the ex out a bit first, maybe pour some bourbon on her - it used to work for me.

Townser said...

Will scotch work?

Townser said...
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ABAT said...

Hell, you could probably pour rubbing alcohol on her and it'd work. The cheapest white wine is usually the charm.