Sunday, March 02, 2008

Questions for an Idiot

It has now officially been two years since the divorce went final. Add to that the roughly two years we were separated and you get a grand total of four years. So, to commemorate this great event, I decided to probe the depths of my mind (by using a simple pool skimmer)to figure out why this hasn't been enough time for me to actually move on. In doing so, I came across several questions that still need answers. In no particular order they are:
Why does her voice still make me feel that certain way?
Why does she still haunt my dreams?
Why do I still look for her in bars and on the street?
Why is everything still so raw?
How can I possibly still recognize, much less miss her smell?
Why do I still continue to hope that things will work out?
Am I living in a fantasy world, and if so, where the hell is Deanna Troi when I need her?
Why do I still hurt so damn much?
Why do I still want her more than ever?
When can I ever expect to get over her?
Why do my eyes still well up so easily?
Why do I still care?
Why does she still know me better than I know me?
Why do I still fawn at simple gestures from her that others would take for granted as normal human interaction?
I look forward to hearing from all of you with your answers. Yeah, right...


Stephen Speaking said...

Answers 1-3--Because you still love her
Answer 4--Because you jerk off too often.
Answer 5--Because smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.
Answer 6--See 1-3
Answer 7--Because holodecks do not exist in reality (unfortunately)
Answer 8-9--See 1-3
Answer 10--As soon as you can let go and be happy.
Answer 11-12--See 1-3
Answer 13--Because other people see you as you are and you see you as you are not. This is a good thing, because you are better than you give yourself credit for.
Answer 14--Again, 1-3.

Hope this helped. You said the questions were for an idiot so I felt compelled to answer.

townser said...

Mr. Speaking-

FYI-I was the 'idiot' referenced in the title of this post. I would never want to offend any of my three readers. As for the rest, thank you for the kind words and advice. In keeping with my current track record, I will fail to heed any of it. And about question #4, is 4 times a day too much?

catfish said...

townser...given your propensity to expunge yourself of man seed 4x daily, I would recommend you find yourself a trustworthy optometrist while you can still read the yellow pages. other than that, could it possible be you are in love with the dream of her, as opposed to the real her. by the way, I wrote this shortly after having my entire body waxed by a multigenerational team of Vietnamese immigrant woman...god bless the U.S. of A.

Townser said...

I weep bitterly at the thought of what those poor women must have gone through.