Thursday, March 13, 2008

So Depressing

I read something yesterday in our local cultural paper here in KC that really upset me. The music magazine No Depression is going out of business after 13 years. This is the magazine that turned me on to the Drive By Truckers and The Avett Brothers as well as many, many others. I always admired the editors for not trying to be all things to all people. The writing was always sound, not overly critical or flowery. Today I look at magazines like Paste and Harp which I felt had so much promise, but they try to do way too much. Incidentally, the recent compilation CD in the last issue of Harp just might be the single worst piece of crap I have ever listened to, and I went to High School in the 80's! I shudder to think what the music industry is turning into when great bands and magazines that support them can not afford to continue to produce their art because of ever-changing economics of the industry.

No Depression
provided the soundtrack to my life for the past 13 years. The music I found there helped me through my divorce. It helped take me away from the day to day bullshit that life tends to provide. Even the title of the magazine helped keep me focused on my own personal struggle with the debilitating effects of depression. I still wear a No Depression t-shirt once every few weeks as an affirmation for my own victory (at least for now) and to give credit to a great publication. Peter, Grant, and everyone else involved, you will truly be missed, and thank you for all the hard work.


ABAT said...

The whole music industry seems to be in flux at the moment. The internet is thankfully killing the big corporate labels, but the greedy bastards are going through a phase working out how to rape some more cash from the cow. It's gonna cause a few other labels and magazines etc to fall over.

The black dog of depression eh? Same, mate, same. Been there since I was a kid. My lady got me to face up to it about five years ago. Total revelation, but it is still a day to day battle. Hang in there fella.

Townser said...

Yeah, when I read that No Depression was going under, it kind of kicked in my depression.

I just saw some of your art, loved it. Really beautiful stuff.

As for the other depression, it's a day to day thing. My ex helped me face it and, like you I realized I've been dealing with it since I was a kid. You know the story, some good days, some bad. Mostly good though, despite all the rest of the shit. Awareness for me is the big issue.

ABAT said...

Cheers for checkin' out the art bud. Much appreciated.

Yeah, it is very much an awareness thing. It's the only way to manage it. I think the trick is to realise that you can still feel pissed off and down sometimes. That it doesn't mean you're descending in depression, just having normal human emotions like everybody else.

I think that people with depression so often feel they have to put on that 'happy face' all the time to not be depressed. That's way too hard an expectation and just makes shit worse.

Townser said...

You are absolutely right about the management aspect of it. I call it my 'filter'. I always have to be aware of how I am receiving actions, comments, etc. If that makes any sense. It is so easy to misinterpret the simplest thing and let it affect your day/life. I am still waiting for my issue of the 'Life' handbook, unfortunately no one has given me mine yet.